// they can scoff but we can borrow their excuses for tomorrow

theirs is a ruse, but this game's made for two. //


// I'm sorry for losing your soul

I guess I must've left it on the side of some road // 



// nobody knows where dreams go when they start,

but I know that they end in pain. //

Impossible Us

// Tell me, what was the point of standing on the cliffside
diving into deep, dark waters
If we were gonna let the river run dry? //

Just For Now

// you wear a stone cold face like it's a crown

and I try to see you through, but I get nowhere somehow //


// the cost of you and me comes down to apathy

I lost you somehow //


// but I swear that I am still myself

I won't compromise

I'll hide my hurt upon the shelf. //

No More

// I nailed a sign to my own door, said "I don't wanna fight this war"

Can you not read or do you just ignore? Love don't live here anymore. //




// give me ice and fire

deeper and higher

louder and closer

shaking my bones //

aurora - EP

// I can see you changing right before my eyes

I can see you putting on another disguise //

Enough - EP

// the lies and excuses were just cover-ups

for that you didn't love me enough. //


// in the midst of dying

she comes alive and reignites

like kindling //


Aria - EP

// what'll I do now, what'll I do

'cause I keep falling. can't fall out of love with you. //

On Love

// beautiful and dangerous

our twisted games and our fevered love //