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Now & Then

by Mandy Pennington

As I listen back through this collection of songs, I’m struck by the way that my heart has grown and flourished through the creation of this record. I find music to be a release of the soul and an expression of deep-seated emotion. This record represents where I’ve come from and where I’m going. It’s a snapshot of a time in my life when I hurt and I struggled. I hope this record can represent to you whatever you need it to at this point in your life. Whether you hurt now or you have been hurt, I hope you can find solace in this collection of reflection songs.



Your Living Room - Now & Then Sessions

released March 9, 2018

Enough - EP

released January 29, 2017





released May 15, 2017


Aria - EP

released May 27, 2016


Aurora - EP


released April 3, 2017


released March 7, 2016


On Love - EP


released May 13, 2015



// I take a breath

Deep and slow

But the water under the bridge makes it difficult

I give it up

because I know

We're just two souls held together

by skin and bone. //

Love You So

// Messy lives are beautiful

and I hope that's what you'll see

when you look at me. //


// but I swear that I am still myself

I won't compromise

I'll hide my hurt upon the shelf. //


// they can scoff but we can borrow their excuses for tomorrow

theirs is a ruse, but this game's made for two. //

Impossible Us

// Tell me, what was the point of standing on the cliffside
diving into deep, dark waters
If we were gonna let the river run dry? //


// nobody knows where dreams go when they start,

but I know that they end in pain. //


// I'm sorry for losing your soul

I guess I must've left it on the side of some road // 

Just For Now

// you wear a stone cold face like it's a crown

and I try to see you through, but I get nowhere somehow //

No More

// I nailed a sign to my own door, said "I don't wanna fight this war"

Can you not read or do you just ignore? Love don't live here anymore. //