Experimentation with Creative Expression


Hey y'all. I've been super busy, and struggling to put my thoughts into words. I've had lots of ideas and lots of growth happening, and have been thinking a lot about the meaning of love and the meaning of forgiveness, and the meaning of time and death and God and Christianity and all that stuff. All great blog material, but once again, I can't really figure out how to put it into words. Last time I tried I wrote 4 pages of nonsense about love and it sucked. So basically, all that to say...I recently switched to a double major, adding the major of English focusing on creative writing. I've been doing a ton of writing recently in my Adv. Creative Writing class; like literally at least 4 pieces a week. I've always written songs, but I've been really getting into poetry and it helps me process sometimes, even if it's not really what I'm thinking about. It's fun creative expression for me, and I feel like (hopefully) I've been getting better.  So the point of this blog (though kind of abnormal) is to share some of that poetry I've been working on, since I feel like it is a part of me. I'm hopefully going to be posting some of that work in the future on this blog, as a way to get that out there and share my heart and thoughts with whoever wants to read them.

I wrote a project called "Ponderings on Mortality", which is a three-poem series.  This is the first of them, called "Clouds." (the line spacing with paragraphs is not working but whatever)


The Rain pours

drips on my Window

slam on the Breaks

I don't care


when I see the car racing towards me I think


wow, what a beautiful Sky


never mind the Blood smearing the Pavement

mixing with the muddied Puddles

in some sickening mating Dance

wow, what a beautiful Sky

if I can keep my Mouth from crying out

I will

wow, what a beautiful Sky


the Sun shines

drips through my Windows

casting Shadows

golden Glares on my Mirrors

the Pills are so close

so friendly



The Haze that follows will be sensational

maybe I'll see purple Lights

and Gleams

and Stars

in my mama's Eyes

don't cry

wow, what a beautiful Sky


nobody's home

it would be so easy

the Pool is glassy


it's so humid

it would feel so perfect

slipping away


never mind the pale white Skin

they would find

wrinkled and lifeless

open glazed Eyes

staring up at the Sun


wow, what a beautiful Sky.