Dear God,

Thank you that I wasn't late to work today.

You know how much my family needs that pay

and it means a lot to me.

When I lost my keys I panicked and scared

but then I remembered that you really care

and you gave me back my keys.

It means a lot to me.



Hey God,

I knew I could do it.

That guy was tough,

but I knew that you

would help me through

I knew you could do it.

The octagon felt way too small

But I knew you were with me through it all

And God, although I often sin

I appreciate that you helped me win.

You're the best.



Dear Lord,

What a stressful day I'm had

First the fighting with my dad

and then the coffee spilled on my new dress

and how could I handle any more stress?

But you knew I'm dealing with a lot

So you kept my cell from falling off

the top of my car

though I drove so far.

Thank you Lord, I need you everyday.




You love me, this I know

for the Bible tells me so

Little ones to You belong

They are weak, but You are strong.

I don't like being touched this way

It's not how you would love me

I've asked you for three years now, God

To make my uncle leave me be.

I love you so I'm waiting for you

Because I know you love me too

But if you could hurry a little, Jesus please

I'm finding it hard to believe.