4. Love

4. Love (song)                                                                                                          



You, ooh, ooh

You, ooh, ooh


verse 1

I've been waiting patiently
For the man I've always dreamed of
And I wish you'd come around sometime soon
I've been thinking ‘bout the days
When we will lay around so lazy
And do nothing but watch TV til noon

I'd cheer on all your sports teams
I'd put up with your snoring
I'd take a train to Timbuktu
I'd do it all for you.

verse 2

I've been planning out our wedding
Since I was just about eleven
If you could hurry up then that would sure be swell
Maybe you will buy me flowers
Maybe your house will be ours
Or if you're poor like me then that'd be just as well

I'd watch your favorite movies
I'd act like I like sushi
I'd meet your mom and your dad too
I'd do it all for you.



Ooh ooh ooh

I’d do it all for you.



Will you have 20/20 or will you wear cute glasses?
Are you hanging in bars or still in classes?
Do you play the ukelele or the guitar?
Oh oh oh oh
Will you love to dance or be the cutest kind of clumsy?
Will you make me laugh and will you think I'm funny?
Either way I'm ready to love you with all my heart

I'd make you tea and coffee
I'd sing on only off-beats
I'd wear your favorite shade of blue everyday

I'd wash all of your dishes
I'd steal a thousand kisses
I'd fly you straight up to the moon
I'd do it all for you.