2. Wonder

2. Wonder

In my soul is an arrow

that soars through the air

oh the purple sky catches it with golden wind

and arms of silver

I can’t help but gasp at the beauty around

in the nature that I’ve been given but hadn’t

found until it shoved itself in my face

when I needed it most


nature never used to impress me.

I hate the bugs, the beetles that crawl on my feet

the fear of fire ants and poison ivy

and ticks, oh God, ticks

and the sun beating down and burning me

just like the fire ants might!

no, nature never impressed me.


but to open your eyes is to see the creation

for all that it is

to wake up and smell all the sunshine through cracks in windows

to see humanity living and breathing


searching for joy

like a race

when really, there’s plenty for all.


oh, how I wonder at all of this




and it’s not just in nature

I find this feeling

I see it in electricity struggling in the old lamp in my room

in the colorful patterns of my new dress

in vibrations of guitar strings and

cups of macaroni that make a meal in 3.5 minutes and

a child’s laugh and

my friend’s beautiful sculptures and

ambient paintings and

antidepressant medications and

how my brothers look just like my father and

a 500-page book of philosophy


so many tiny signs that life is worth living

that beauty is everywhere — I know

it’s cliche —

but have you ever stopped to see

to really see


I am broken inside many days of the week

but it’s hard to stay sorrowful when

there are so many things to

wonder about

to wonder at

to wonder how

so many complex things can

come together

to bring peace.