It's so obvious sometimes how much I need you.




I was sitting there in the quaint little restaurant staring at my receipt for 5.63

And it hit me.

What was I doing

I heard the hollow crunch as my forehead hit the bright red table

But somehow didn't feel it.

Oh wait, that's why my vision's blurry.

Just the words "you can have all this world, but give me Jesus"

blasting through man-made earbuds

They sliced through my delicately assembled walls

They plucked at the strings of a heart that had been played far too many times.


Tiny drops of rain dripped slowly from my eyes down my nose and tainted the table

Too bad this cafe doesn't serve food with those tiny paper umbrellas.


Another day with my universe centered on me, who else

I try to pluck the speck from the cashier’s brown eyes

But why can't I see with these logs blurring my vision

Logs with words carved into them


He doesn't love you


You'll never be enough.


Then you somehow pull up a chair and sit with me at this insignificant cafe

in this minuscule town

And the God of the Universe tells me I’m worthy.

How can it be.

I chew my cold burger thoughtfully.