Becoming a shadow

No one seems to understand

the lure of the shadows

that waltz on my walls

the mesmerizing smiles of the sun

blinding my eyes

showing me white


can't you see

how far they lead me?

what they can offer me?


wow, what a beautiful Sky.


The shadows ride on my back

hide in my purse

follow me to school

to work

to the coffee shop downtown.


They whisper thoughts in my ears

of what awaits

the sun joins in pursuit of my soul.


wow, what a beautiful Sky.


How compelling their words

Tell me to lie on the road

waiting for cars to skid


they won't stop in time

oh, how the blood will mix with

the muddy puddles

the shadows will bathe at last.


wow, what a beautiful Sky.


I can see their wispy hands

clawing at pills

begging to pour them

into my open mouth


I'll see my mama's eyes


don't worry, the shadows will care for me

purple lights

and stars

will be my last sights


wow, what a beautiful Sky.


The ultimate exit

shadows seem to feast on drama

they play in the pool water


look how much fun we're having

it's so easy

it's so humid

it would feel so perfect

slipping away.


The chief of the shadows offers his ropes and binds

my hands and feet.


I jump.



The shadows scream


the sun beams

what joy there is

for me to join their kind.


Never mind the pale white skin

you will find

wrinkled and lifeless

open glazed eyes

staring up at the sun


wow, what a beautiful Sky.