Loneliness nags like a knife

spreads like butter

all over my burnt figure

scrapes crumbs off

screeches and grinds


Loneliness steeps like lemon tea

sits and sits

burns my tongue

the honey sinks to the bottom

and then drains all at once

sickening, like cough syrup


Loneliness swells like an anthem

seems so victorious

independence, they say, is a joy

the tuba swallows me in its hollow refrain

I can’t seem to find the melody


Loneliness rocks like a grandmother

back and forth on a chair

can’t seem to find stillness

in a room all alone

the fireplace crackles

the creaking continues

and on and on


Loneliness breaks like a cracker

bitter and salty

crumbles to pieces

breaks me to pieces


Loneliness soothes like a gas

the kind that makes you forget

it fills up the room, silent and


you breathe it in and you hum as you smile

suddenly giddy

don’t worry, tonight

you’ll remember again