“let’s do an experiment”

she said to herself

put down her phone and waited.


hours turned into days

and no one called

and no one asked her how she was

and so her nights turned endless,

darkness crept into her days


she thought she had friends but

where were they?

she tracked the times they’d spent together

every instance a little farther apart

than the last

she realized, slowly,

that she had always been

the initiator.


she looked out the window because

she heard loud music

and saw her friends drive by

way too fast


they’d forgotten to invite her,

she supposed

just an oversight.


but days turned into weeks and

then a month to the day

no calls

no invitations

no words

her experiment was over


the results were in, but

not what she had hoped for.



some would call this experiment

“masochistic,” even

but she just wanted to see if

anyone would miss her


it’s not that she thought

her life was void of

people who would be there

if she asked

she had a list of friends to

call if she needed someone

but the thing is,

she wasn’t on anyone else’s list

and that got to her, slowly

day by day.


she began to wait with

baited breath for

the day she’d move away

begin to forget

the ones who’d forgotten her


the day came quickly, so

it seemed

she packed up her car with smiling people

who were glad to help

but she’d never even been to their houses

never even hugged them


“there must be more”

she thought as she spotted

counterfeit tears in her rearview mirror