things that are broken.

when something is broken we


rush to fix it


scramble for the shattered

glass on the floor


sew back together thrift store clothes


put cracked dishes back into the back

of cabinets so maybe no one will see


scrub stains til the cotton wears thin

and tears


super glue soles back to favorite pairs

of boots


duct tape car windows


share desperate kisses to cover

the lack of conversation


and I understand,

I do

the urge to fix

and to heal.

it’s a human characteristic,


and many times we think

not fixing something

or someone

is giving up on it.


I tend to think

in grays and tans

and sometimes blues and reds


never blacks and whites.


In gray and tan thoughts

I find that broken things have

a beauty that fixed things

just don’t

and just can’t.


I see beauty in the

three-legged cat hobbling

on my back porch

and in my shed that has

needed a paint job for decades

and in the way that “I love you”

doesn’t quite sound as good

as when I was sixteen.


I think it’s because there’s something


and better

in the time after pain


perfection is not

a synonym for beauty

look it up, if you want.


if the world was as perfect

as we all dream it would be

if we all got our wonderland fairytale


we’d surely find a way to want something more.


in broken things we see the yearning

and we see the good in the things that are whole

and we see that some things are meant to stay broken

that throwing away a torn pair of shoes isn’t

giving them up

it’s accepting a truth


that things break and grow old

just like people and love

but then things grow and enter in

and fill up and redeem


the cycle of breaking and healing and feeling in between

is a human condition that

we should admire.


to dwell in the broken,

to accept the failures,

to know which battles to


and which dishes to save

and which stains to let win

is to truly see