She was a fisherman of compliments.

He was the one who dove into the lake to fetch her the fish.


She cast her rod into many ponds

lakes and oceans

the smallest tadpoles washed onboard her ship

but she hungered for a blue whale.


the pond fish kept her hungry soul satisfied

for a little while

but she soon was parched by the lacking lake water

what would satisfy the shame she felt?


some would watch her drop her book-bag to see if a boy would pick it up for her

and sometimes they bit at the bait

but mostly they walked on by


one time at the prom she caught a huge bass

a man with a convincing smile

who told her she was the most beautiful girl in the room.


it squirmed away and she was left starving.


then a boy with scraggly limbs and tattered clothes

jumped off her fishing boat to fetch the fish that wouldn’t come on their own

he offered them on bended knee

and she was skeptical at first

but eventually she learned to eat

to nibble off the fish he caught for her

to believe the words he said and the compliments he meant with his whole beating heart.


he wasn’t the fisherman she’d expected

but she learned to catch the fish for him as well

they shared them baked in butter

or fried over a crackling fire


eventually she didn’t need the fish anymore

she believed in the person he told her she was

her soul and stomach were full


so they left their temporary home on the seaside

and built a house in a nice suburb

where they started eating beef.