The Man I Never Knew

It’s strange because

I didn’t even know you.


But I saw our lives flash before I could blink

our children’s eyes

you walking through the threshold of my childhood home

my daddy shaking your hand

your smile before you kissed me goodnight

you quitting the job you hated and me helping you to greater things

me painting our room your favorite color

you dabbing some paint on my nose


a summer, then

a life of adventure

and finally

someone to love me.


Why I thought that it would be you

I don’t know.

Maybe I’m just desperate

maybe I’m just seeing things

But I thought I saw your mouth curve

in the way that says “I like you”

but that was just a dream, apparently


I would’ve loved to know

the you I imagined in my head

or any you at all, really


I've lost most senses of my good qualities

and I'm not really one to boast

but if you gave me a chance

maybe you'd see what I see

hint: our children's eyes are brown.


Alright, okay, that’s fine, I get it

Don’t worry about me, I’m fine

I put on a brave face because how silly would it be

to cry about

a man I didn’t even know.