How To Love Yourself

How To Love Yourself


perhaps the hardest lesson

hardest step and

hardest downfall

in the human life

loving not others, but



It’s been quite a long road

with hate and despair

and plenty of negative emotions

that I don’t care to share, but

you understand, I’m sure.


a lot of trips to hospitals

and sitting in uncomfortable cushion

seats in waiting rooms

the doctor’s voice can’t compare
to the voice inside your head

listing all your injuries, your faults


It’s hard to give practical advice

on such a subject

like this, because

I haven’t quite figured it out, myself


I wonder sometimes if

anyone has

maybe the ancient philosophers.


a first step might be to get up every morning

look in the mirror and say

“you’re loveable”

“you’re worthy”

because you are


a second could be to stop condemning

your every mistake, your every move

to push aside the loneliness to where

loneliness belongs

to say no to the little thoughts and voices and

the notes you write to yourself

the lists of wrongs and never rights

that keep you up at night, I’m telling you

are unproductive as it gets


what other people say,

it’s always empty words

it’s always thoughtless gossip

it isn’t who you are, or who you should be

I wish it was as easy as just

blocking out the words

or just not caring

but sometimes I bury my head in my pillows

and cover my ears to stop

from hearing the words

that say I’m not good enough.


I have so much more to say on this

but time is running low

and I’ve got a date with a mirror and

a notebook

I’m telling you, whoever you are

that you are worth it.


how to love yourself?

get a fuzzy blanket and drink some hot chocolate

drown out the mean words from

the others and your hateful head

and be you.