the leather couch that loves me

many loads of things to do

I cannot seem to move myself

from the loving arms of this

leather couch

that lets me bury my face


if I could live my life on this

leather couch

how simple would it be

eat noodles with cheese every day

of the week

maybe I’d order pizza

once in awhile

or Chinese


watch TV, forget about

all the things that are piling up

on my planner on my white board

in my inbox and my phone

all that would matter would be

that the couch loved me


my many fears and insecurities

are wiped clean

in a mountain of pillows

and fuzzy blankets

and this leather couch

the only arms I’ll ever need,



if a leather couch was

a cure to loneliness,

oh let it be

as Paul McCartney so aptly

once sang

I wish that were true.


some days it’s unfair

that the rain clouds my mind

and the pillows and blankets can’t make up for

the words people say


at the end of the day,

I have a leather couch in

my empty living room



I dream of the day when

all I have to do is sit around

and write and sing and love

the people around



but then I think that maybe

I’d be bored.