weather moods.

sometimes I’m arrogant enough

to think the sky is weeping for me

when it rains and I

cry alone

I weep for the sky, and

it weeps for me.


but a much bigger view reveals that

I am much too small

for something as big and blue to be crying for me

it’s not crying for you


but I am.


the sun shines and I think

of it shining when we

danced through the park just like a movie

like slow-motion laughter and feet in the pond

and forevers and nevers spilling out of our mouths

like a waterfall we couldn’t reign in

but ended up drowning us.


when the sun hides its face behind a mask of gray

I think of the days when we curled up inside

with hot chocolate and The Princess Bride on a small laptop screen

warm socks and warm hands

your hands in my hair, my hair in my face.


but how can the placement of

the sun

beat me like a slavedriver?

the sun is just a star, far

far away

and I have my own life now.


and I came to the conclusion

through growing strong and weeks

of weeping

that nothing weeps for me.

I am my own, and nature can do nothing

the sun just looks on me with apathy.


but I stay indoors just in case

I start to feel things

my room is cozy and almost

as warm

as the sun, or your arms

and it’s all I need.


but then one day my armchair began to weep for me

as I sat in it

engulfed me in its arms until it was suffocating me

and it struck me like a passing thought, a simple “ah”

I realized that I couldn’t breathe.