How to build a rocketship

fill your eyes with dreams of splendor

try to jump and never let your

feet touch the ground

it seems the ones who

live in dark and dreary weather

are the ones who stay rooted


they always say how beautiful

it is to fly

ha, if humans were birds maybe

we’d understand

but we can't

stuffy planes don’t count

and sky-diving is just falling


but in a rocketship you can go

far beyond where birds can.


there are no step-by-step instructions

since your rocketship is all your own

so I can’t tell you how to build it


but make it shiny and make it light

polish it before you fly and

make everyone who dragged you down regret it

‘cause you are flying and they are not.

they will see.

they will see


you shining up among the stars so distant


so distant


make your engine strong and

pour in

gallons of your bitterness

to fuel the fire to make it fly

and distant stars will light your way

far far away from even the sunrise


and when you have shined up the metal

and hammered out out the bumps

and vacuumed the floor


will you take me with you?


- mrp